Calibre Router Tooling
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About Us

Calibre Tooling was founded in 2001 and supplies the highly-regarded FUL product range to the UK. These professional router cutters and drills offer exceptional durability and quality with sensible pricing.

We can supply you with a free catalogue showing the range of imperial shank tools specifically for the UK market.

We have over 30 years' experience in the woodworking tooling industry. Our main aim is not only to supply our customers with one of the best ranges of products on the market, but also to provide support and assistance in their use wherever possible, including safety advice. We have successfully helped our customers trouble-shoot tooling challenges to ensure they get the best finish they need.

In addition, we can also commission unique tools to solve particular problems. This can be either from an informal discussion or even by supplying drawings.

We always welcome any comments, questions or sales enquiries. You can reach us via telephone (01707 386 111), by email ( or by submitting your request on our contact form.